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We felt 100% Prepared

Asking and getting all our questions answered:

 Can’t say enough good things about the birthing workshop with Camilla. Before going, my husband and I didn’t really know what to expect, about the class itself and birth and labor in general.  It was really great to have such a small group of people, meet other expectant mothers and have to the opportunity to listen to Camilla’s great advice as well as ask her as many questions or wonderings we had.  Upon finishing the day, we felt much more knowledgeable about what to expect and felt prepared if any complications were to arise.

 I definitely recommend this workshop to help you feel prepared and ready, as well as to meet others going through the same thing as yourself. It’s nice to know you’re not alone!  K.

We are now a team ! I can’t even imagine how many couple you have helped on an almost indescribable level.

Camilla’s class not only exceeded our any expectations we have but left us both feeling incredibly buoyant and even maybe a little excited about the prospect of taking this journey together. Camilla is all at once, funny, relaxed, amazingly informative and knowledgeable about techniques and latest research but also about the emotional side of what goes into giving birth and becoming a parent. I walked out feeling like I could easily tackle what was ahead and feeling much, much less worried about it. This from someone who had readily decided that I wanted an epidural and to try to block out as much of the birthing experience at first convenience before doing the class.
It also made my partner feel much more like he was an integral part of the process and brought us so much closer as we felt like we were going into this with our eyes open and as a team.

I had Camilla’s birth class recommended to me by another Copenhagen expat, as a great one to take for an English speaker. I went in with a lot of anxiety, not only around an already difficult pregnancy but also birthing, navigating the medical system in a foreign country and what comes after that. To be honest, I wasn’t at all expecting any of that anxiety to be quelled by a birthing class – I just wanted to dispel some of the mystery surrounding birth as a first-timer.

Thank you Camilla! You were made to do this and I can’t even imagine how many couple you have helped on an almost indescribable level.


I knew Camilla’s classes would be perfect for us after watching her YouTube interviews and the free material on Camilla’s website.

Camilla looked to me as a curious person who are never afraid to questions the things she’s learned to ensure it’s the best option, technique or procedure and also Camilla seems to me as a person ready to learn, broaden perspectives though always grounded and routed in research. 

The birth class was beyond our expectations.

First of all I was amazed that Camilla taught a 6-7 hour class with energy, passion and ability to keep our attention all the way through! Awesome! The set up was beautiful and it was such a great idea to share lunch together. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with other sweet and likeminded parents.

I can best describe Camilla’s class by comparing to when looking at an abstract painting, where you can’t quite make clear what is going on. But then imagine the painter comes to you and begin to explain what is on the picture. As he/she is pointing to random shapes suddenly an image appears to you and now you are able to experience its beauty. Camilla is the artist and she will help you to see the beauty in birth. We are only able to experience and see what we have been taught to see.

Camilla will broaden your perspective so that you are able to create a perfect birth, no matter how it turns out, whether at home, at the hospital or in the car, whether a c section or natural birth, whether with medicine or no, you can have, and you deserve a perfect birth. Camilla will dress you so that you are able to make the best decisions for you and your baby !

5 stars! I attended Camilla’s birth-class together with my partner June 2019

We both feel ready

” I wanted to thank you for the workshop, for your patience with all questions, for your openness and your extensive knowledge. I am so happy that we found you as your workshop totally fulfilled my expectations, but also my husband. I now feel ready and peaceful when thinking about the upcoming birth of our baby, and this is the best feeling I could ever have! 

Also, and not to underestimate :), my husband also really liked it and I can feel that these hours gave us both great tools and trust in ourselves! We already started the « half an hour a day about the baby » :)”

Thank you a million and see you soon, maybe 

Knowledge about the danish healtcare options

Both are now prepared:

The workshop takes place in a cozy environment, where you are able to feel relaxed while you learn about the birth phases, what is expected and even what can go wrong. Moreover, as a woman you gain confidence on what your own body can achieve during labor and birth, while your partner learns how he can be there for you.

Camilla guided us through birth process in the Danish healthcare system – which might be very different to your own country’s – and she answered all questions we had during the workshop. Even after some weeks, she continues to guide us and answer any doubts we might have.
Carolina Arango

Dear all upcoming fathers (and mothers) I would like to share a story with you.

Father: Camilla is one of the Greatest teachers I have ever met.

The way she delivered her knowledge and experience made me feel I could have assisted my wife effectively even without the help of a midwife. Actually the midwife said we handled the labor extremly well

Dear all upcoming fathers (and mothers) I would like to share a little story with you. When my wife Lene started to attended yoga classes at Camillas yoga studio she often told me – with great enthusiasm – about the little talks they had about their pregnancy before the workout started. I thought to myself “wow she is going to be extremely well prepared for her upcoming birth”. One day Lene told me that Camilla were having a private seminar for both moms and dads (to be) I immediately said “I would love to attend” l’m a pilot by profession and I always give my crew a thorough briefing before a flight. I always feel very comfortable when things have been discussed and looked upon from all angles before we set out on our journey, – as if my comfort zone has been expanded beyond what is needed.

After a whole day of Camillas teachings about birth and every aspect covered in every way – I felt ready for a “flight” were anything could happen – and I would still come out on top. When my wife went into labor everything happened very quickly. The water broke in a big splash and time between contractions was immediately less than 30 seconds. At the hospital Lene opened up in about 2 hours – the master plan was scratched and we had to improvise. Things happened so fast that the midwife didn’t have time to sedate my wife. She bravely kept going through the pain assisted by her breathing techniques only. I cried a little every time she had to fight through a contraction. But somehow – at the same time – I felt calm and composed. I owe that to Camillas teachings. We kept breathing together and I assisted on the oxygen mask when needed. I was prepared for everything – when they had to extract blood from my sons head to read his vital levels to see if we could proceed safely or had to revert to other measures I knew exactly what was going on.
mely well. Today we’re the proud parents of little Sebastian. We wish you the very best with your labor and hope it will be as positive an experience as our was. Anders

Empowering and beliveing in my abilities

From fear to confidence: 

“I was terrified of giving birth in a foreign country, not speaking the language or understanding the system. I had gone to all the normal midwife and doctors appointments but still felt I was lacking information.
Then I was fortunate enough to attend one of Camilla’s preparation for birth classes. She was calm, competent, knowledgeable and so nice. I felt completely relaxed and it was easy to open up to her and ask her my questions.

I am now relaxed and feeling confident in my abilities as a woman to give birth, and also in the abilities of the hospital staff and the danish system. It was the best 4 hours I have ever spent and I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I am truly grateful to Camilla for empowering me and helping me to prepare for my birth. Merry Haarder.”

It really helps to have taken the class

Detailed Information:

“I have always believed that childbirth education is worth checking out even if the only thing you are sure about your birth is that you are getting an epidural. The classes provided by Camilla were very enlightening and provided detailed information about what to expect when in labor. The fact that Camilla is a midwife and is fully aware of how it happens on the “backstage” is great and very reassuring. My husband also enjoyed the sessions and took a lot out of it. The breathing and natural pain relievers taught by Camilla were very helpful during labor and I am very grateful for taken part on these sessions”. Andrea  

From a male and female perspective 

We are an international couple Emil (Belgium-Danish), Anna (German) and little Mika (8 months old). We write about our experiences with Camilla as a pregnancy yoga teacher, the couple workshop and her as our doula.


I came back to Denmark being already pregnant. I was looking for birthing preparation classes and found Camilla’s yoga pregnancy classes.

Camilla and her house

Camilla is a wonderful person. She has a very loving, trusting and calming aura. She never stops learning and continues to develop in new areas. Even though she has so much knowledge and wisdom, she is respectful and open-minded about other opinions.
The yoga classes and the couple workshop take place at Camilla’s home. Her house matches her warm personality and the cosy atmosphere in the yoga room with the fire place, yoga mats, pillows and blankets help you relax instantly.

Yoga pregnancy classes

The yoga classes were really nice. A room full of pregnant women – finally I felt understood. We did relaxing yoga positions, movements and breathing. We learned about birthing positions, active movements for helping progressing the birth, breathing techniques, sound techniques, and more. In the beginning of every class Camilla asked every woman about issues, pain or concerns, so that we could exchange experiences and get support from each other. If you had questions or concerns outside of class, you could always write an e-mail and it would get answered very thoroughly and quickly.

Couple workshop

The English speaking couple workshop was great. It really helped prepare us for birth as a couple and gave us tools. Especially for my husband it was nice to be included in the preparations and knowing how he could help me best. For me it really helped deepen the knowledge that I had learned during the yoga classes and clarify where I had understanding problems before due to the language (the yoga classes were taught in Danish).


Whilst getting to know Camilla during the yoga classes, I decided that I would like to have her as my doula. All the preparation together with her made me feel so confident and calm, that I even decided to do my first birth at home in a bath tub.
The doula program included meetings before the birth at her or our home; writing my birthing plan; discussing and clarifying everything we needed to know or didn’t know yet; doing a pelvic floor alignment; guiding us through the birth with all her fantastic techniques; visiting after the birth to check if everything is ok; helping and giving advice with the baby; doing a vaginal exam and massage; discussing the birth and giving feedback; rebozo binding; supplying herbs for a vaginal steam bath; and much more.
Camilla really did far more for us than the doula program actually included. She was more like a friend that was always there for us when we had questions or needed help.


The birth started one week before my due date. My contractions were manageable and so I could calmly wait for Camilla’s arrival and, with the support of my husband, already use the techniques we had learned.
When Camilla arrived she was very present, clear and enthusiastic. Another midwife was present from the hospital that I hadn’t met before, but Camilla took the lead and was my main support. including the crowning, happened in the bath tub. Everything went really well without complications

Sound technique

I always had trouble using my voice to express myself and even to shout or sing. So during the birthing preparation I felt embarrassed and shy to do the sound techniques and didn’t really join in. But because I chose a natural birth at home, I had no choice then to use the sound techniques after all. It was extremely powerful and in combination with the breathing technique and movements, a good way to manage the pain. After giving birth I found myself singing every single day up until today.


As the whole birthing experience is mostly women-orientated, the man can easily be left out or ignored. Attending the couple workshop, it really gave me an insight on what I could do, but most importantly, what my role was in this experience; to support my wife with whatever she needed. Camilla made this clear, and never made me feel unnecessary or gave me a ‘cute you’re here’-look (which I often got at the hospital). She was not only supporting Anna, but she was supporting us as a couple/team. And that respect means a lot.


We are extremely grateful that we found Camilla. She prepared us so well for becoming parents and the birth of our son. We are very glad that we are able to call her our friend and if we could, we would have her help with the births of our future children again.
If I wouldn’t leave Denmark, I would very much like to become a yoga student of hers. I know I could learn so much from her.
I also have to thank Camilla’s work partner and best friend Line (Nikoline), who is the helping hand in the background of the great work. She has joined the rebozo binding in my home to help take care of my son, while Camilla did the binding. My son fell asleep in her arms. When we had troubles finding a new place to live, she helped us with the search. She is very kind and helpful. And I have to say that she has the sweetest two year old son that I have ever met.

We hope to see you again. You are always welcome to visit us in Munich or contact us if we can help you with anything!

All the best, lots of love and hugs,

Emil, Anna and little Mika


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