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We are allowed to meet in groups, since midwifes do not have restrictions.
Options are also online during Corona lockdown if you prefer staying home. 


Birthworkshops for couples, for women and private consultations. Create network and meet other english speaking women and families. Danish couples are wellcome to participate, and extend the network. If you want to know more about the workshops and teachings, read the references in the menu and you will get great insight in to the couples expiriences on the teachings - , it will give you a good idea of how much you actually get, and what you can learn in the classes. You will actually be 100% ready for birth and feel ready ! 

You will feel 100% prepared and ready for birth after the class for sure



1.Full parent preparing for birth, in small group, no other birth preparing is needed

2. Body and breathing workshop only for women

3. Privat consultation and birth preparing



Birthpreaparation classes Nordsjælland & Copenhagen

1. Birthworkshop  – prepare for birth – couples


English birth preparing classes.

Antenatal classes in english for international couples.

We will talk about natural birth, and what can happen during birth, if the birth doesnt progress as planned. What can midwives and doctors do to help you in these situations. What is possible in Denmark, medical help, birthing positions, massage, practise the important birth-breath and learn about the body`s pain relief system, so you know extacly how to give birth and the partner gets to feel secure helping and supporting 


You will learn how to use the body and breath and we have a body-breath movement workshop included so you and your partner know exactly how to give birth and when to use the different Yogamidwife birthing technics. That includes, the important birthbreaths, movements, birth possitions, massage, communication, rebozo, and crucial support, both physical and mental support. The partner will learn how to do a “body-reading” and how to communicate during birth so you know what is needed as support, your options and how you get the support you need. Communication is important between all helpers and the woman.


 To be wellprepared as the partner, is so important during birth, what is expected and how is life in the new family. The day will be just as relevant for the mother and the father/partner, and will fully prepare you for birth. I belive that knowledge will make you feel calm, ready and prepared.

You will learn to give massage and will receive a number of questions before the actual class so that the day will be tailor made, for the participating couples. You will not need any other preparation classes, it is in one day and all is included.



2 option 

Women only

2. Womens breath and body workshop

Learn how to use your body and breathing during birth.

We will learn tecnics to handle contractions, how to breath and moove through birth.

The tools and technics comes from Yoga and a long midwifery tradition, and will help you to connect to your self during birth. It will ease your contactions and help you to understand tension and pain, and you will learn how to relax and stay peacefull in heart, mind and body. 

Duration 2 hours

Price 485 kr
Email us for dates, or how to join the infolist if there isn’t a date yet. ususally evening or weekends.


3. Private consultations

We will talk about all, concerning birth. This is a private couple birthpreparing/bodywork session.We will talk about your expectations, and thoughts and go through the birthprocess and the danish healthcare system. We will work with body and breathwork during birth. You will learn all you need to know about birth, theori, for active birth and the options when birth is`nt progressing. You will learn tecnichs from the Yoga tradition and from my expirence as a midwife, and you will use the new knowlegde through birth and for preparing at home. I will support you, during the rest of your pregnancy, with help and questions you may have until you give birth.

Duration 3 hours
Price 3500 kr

English workshop for couples in the future

English workshop for couples 100%
Time:    09:00 - 15:00
Date:    25.06

Price:    1600 kr (tilskud fra danmark)
Submit here

We arrange future workshop-dates and time together, many couples travel with work, so thats the way we do it here. we make a joined email and all settle on a date together. Write to

Its a good idea to write to us early in pregnancy and we arrange a date for the next wokshop. You can take this class early in pregnancy, you learn a lot you can use and pratice during pregnancy 




English workshop for couples 100%
Time:  12:00-18:00

Price:    1600 kr (tilskud fra danmark)
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Many couples becomes friends after the class and can help, support and follow eachother after birth. 


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Birthpreparation classes in Nordsjælland & Copenhagen 

Ved Klædebo 9 F

 2970 Hørsholm 

The class is right now, available, in Nordsjælland in my yogacenter, we might also teach at your house if you want to host a workshop in your area,
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